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There is no gainsaying that essays have come to be a very important part of academic activities in our colleges and universities. It is one of the most important means of accessing students. However, for you to write a good essay, you have to write with a laid out thought structure, coupled with in-depth creativity and imagination. Many lecturers will immediately access a student when they look at the student’s essay. So, even when you buy an essay as a student, you have to pay attention to two main parts, and these are the content of the essay and its structure. While the content is about the information you give out in the essay, the structure is all about the format of the essay.

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Because of the fact that the format of the essay, which is mostly in MLA (Modern Language Association system) is considered part of the essay that is rated, you must learn the simple guidelines for formatting an essay if you must gain the maximum points.

The first information you need to know is that the MS word is actually the best program for you to write essays. This is because you can do the formatting easily on MS word. This will make it easy for you to handle the core formatting areas - margin, font sizes and spaces. The marginal space that should be at the top, bottom, left and right sides of each page of the essay should be about 1 inch. When you want to achieve this in the MS word document, you can easily go to the option for page layout. When you get here, you have to click on the margin tab. The normal option has a default of 1 inch space, and this is what you should select for all the sides. You must insure that each line of the paragraph is double spaced. To do this, just select a paragraph and click on the portion selected. This will take you to indents and spacing tab where you will click on line spacing and select double. The best font size for all college essays is the times new roman and the best size is 12. It is very universal and all academic papers accept it, unless your professor states otherwise. One more thing you must avoid in your term paper topics is the temptation of using a larger font so that you can write less. Again, you should leave your zoom at 100%.

All your headings should start at the top left corner of the essay. When it comes to the indentation, you must set this at the left hand side and it must be on the justified center position. You can do the left justified option by going to the uppermost part of the MS word and clicking on the option with justify highlighted on it. If you run a research paper writing service you should know that all essays must start with the name of the student on the first line, while that of the professor should come second. After this, the name of the subject or topic should be written, followed by the necessary course codes. After the course code, then you should write the university, school and the date of submission of the essay. An example of a header on a sample coursework is given below. Andrew Jones Dr. Raymond Terry Philosophy 1001 Columbia University Humanities 1 September 2015 You may also include the title of the module which the essay is meant for and the number of credits that will be awarded to the essay. The module or essay level may also be needed. In some academic essays like the Columbia university courseworks, some professors may not want you to include your name, and in this case, the student number should be used.

When formatting an essay, the header is a very important part, and you must get it right. Make sure the first page of each header has the page number alone. When you move to other pages, then you should add your last name and the page number, and all must be right indented. When starting each paragraph, you should endeavor to leave a half inch space at the beginning. It is easier for you to do this by pressing the tab button whenever you want to start a paragraph. Your title must be aligned to the center of the page and it comes after the heading, and you must insure that the paragraphs that come after the title follow after you must have pressed the enter button twice, so as to give the correct spacing. You must insure that all the texts are aligned to the left once you start a new line.

  • write with short sentences and don’t beat about the bush. The use of the active voice is also recommended because points are very crucial here.
  • You must write with a specific structure. You must follow an outline and a thought process that involves introduction, the body of the essay and a conclusion that will summarize the entire essay to make a serious impact on the reader.
  • Your essay must show a connection between the sentences. Even if you are writing a spa business plan, don’t write disjointed essay no matter the beauty of the structure. The entire essay must be connected sentence by sentence.
  • You must also understand the topic you are writing about, and don't ever drift away from it in the course of your writing.

All the materials that are not original to you must be properly referenced. This involves a proper reference inside the text and a citation in the bibliography. The referencing is done according to the style given by your lecturer. This includes all graphs, illustrations, images and tables. For the pictures, all of them must come with proper titles that offer a little description about them. You should also do text wrapping on the images by going to the text wrapping option and adjusting it to ‘In line with text’. Remember, you must only use these images and graphs when they are relevant in the text and when they have serious points to add to your argument.

When formatting an essay, there should be a list of all your illustrations. This should come before the first page of the essay, just after the content page. Remember, all these must be followed religiously if you must have a good essay format.

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