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Here we present a classical sample of a book review that one may use for Reviewing a Test Prep homework help. No Crystal Stair by Mairuth Hodge Sarsfield was first published in 1997 in Toronto Star.

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Mairuth Sarsfield approaches her first novel, No Crystal Stair with the similar energetic ambition and eagerness she has used to tackle her career – it would be more than decent to make such features as a basis for a CV template. Born in Quebec in 1930, Sarsfield worked as an information officer for External Affairs before moving, in the early '80s, to New York, to become deputy director of the UN's environment program. In No Crystal Stair, however, the author's customary zealousness taxes her nascent abilities as she attempts to weave a diverse array of themes and plots into a complex historical setting. The story offers a fictionalized account of Little Burgundy, the black community in Montreal, where Sarsfield grew up. Set during the economically restrained years of the Second World War, No Crystal Stair follows the travails of Marian Willow, a widow who struggles to instill her two daughters with pride in their African heritage. Like most of the black Canadian women of the era, Marian works as a domestic; in the mornings she keeps house for a separatist female lawyer and in the afternoons she hastens over to the local YMCA where she cleans rooms alongside a number of close friends. Marian's main dilemma concerns whether or not she should marry Edmond Thompson, a handsome railway porter. Edmond's staid, sober nature and the fact he keeps a glamorous mistress, causes Marian to repeatedly defer. Edmond and his nephew Otis, also a porter, work to organize a union that would improve conditions for black men on the Canadian railway.

Sarsfield means for the triangle of Marian, Edmond and Torrie, Edward's lover, to comprise the novel's most compelling conflict. But she compromises the women's authenticity by basing them on anachronistic stereotypes. Despite Marian's status as a widow, Sarsfield casts her as the virginal ingénue, who with her fair-skinned desirability rather insidiously summons images of the nineteenth-century mulatto figure. Torrie, on the other hand, plays the role of carnal, worldly woman whose sexual sophistication makes her morally suspect. Although Sarsfield overextends herself by creating too many extraneous storylines, her secondary characters much better manifest her imaginative gifts, particularly the Willow's neighbors, the former Russian consort Dame Orlova Braithwaite and her mixed-race teenage daughter Marushka.

Disappointingly, Sarsfield fails to develop the novel's deeper metaphorical possibilities. No Crystal Stair, the title of a Langston Hughes poem, signifies the racial impediments that hinder a black person's journey through life. Yet Sarsfield hardly begins to explore the motifs rich potential. She does attempt to build the railway, which barrels through the community, into a symbol of oppression, but the metaphor evolves fitfully and without much grace. Sarsfield aims to tell an enduring story about black Canadians in which the dilemma of racism exists but does not entirely dominate, as it tends to do in "serious" black literature. The problem is that it is difficult to dramatize the unpleasantness of racism with the same voice that one might use to narrate Little Women. The irony is a quality that seems to elude Sarsfield altogether, and for a writer hoping to communicate the complexity of the black experience, such artlessness amounts to a fatal flaw.

Every time you need an MBA dissertation help for your recent assignment or seek for an appropriate lab report example, you face a possibility to use a multitude of online assisting services. Moreover, there you can find some marvelous tips for accomplishing a book review. These tips provide you with writing techniques, but mostly they make you ask yourself important questions, namely:

  • - what are the problems, specific research questions or theses, on which my literature review should be aimed? In which category falls the literature I need to review? Is it a serious textbook for students with an AP Geography homework help or is it something fictional that comprises deep problematique nonetheless?
  • - was my information seeking deep and thorough? Have I narrowed the scope of my search attentively so that now I am able to connect all the relevant points? Was the number and quality of sources satisfactory for my review?
  • - have I accomplished the analysis of the book? Have I noticed all important concepts and allusions providing for them appropriate intellectual processing?

Do not forget, that in your review you should not simply summarize and list items, as one may want to do for an accounting homework help. A book review represents a sample of discursive prose, therefore the teacher expects from you the written demonstration of your assessing skills and critical abilities. Fulfill your writing with literal synthesis and shrewd evaluation. There is no need to be obscure – quite the contrary, explain yourself plainly and describe your understanding, using a simple and vivid language. In the end, make the final conclusion regarding the book. Remember that unlike other academic papers the review allows you to bring your own new ideas and conceptions in the conclusive part of the work.

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